HP and System Solutions : Utlimate Virtual Infrastructure

Whether alone or at the head of a small battalion, each IT Manager is faced with a sizeable daily challenge: to show himself worthy of his crucial role of service provider within the organisation.

His adversary? The app store. Because today, modern mass-produced appliances are setting the tone in terms of flexibility, user-friendliness and cloud.

The question is simple: is he fighting with equal weapons?

This question will be central to the HP Ultimate Virtual Infrastructure Roadshow to be organised in various venues in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg between April 17th and May 28th. By means of presentations and demonstrations, we will offer an entire range of solutions available to the IT Manager so that the ultimate duel with the app store can be turned to his advantage.

System Solutions is delighted to invite you to this Roadshow on 23 April at Annexe M in Liège or on 28 May at Légère Premium Hotel in Luxembourg.

*In each venue, the participants will have a chance of winning an HP ElitePad!